Upcoming Events

Our Educational Mini Courses have been created to include some of the topics that our
members suggested we further explore. Throughout the year, we will explore 'Seven Powerful
and Effective Ways to Embrace Your Full Potential'.
The aim of these short courses is for you to learn how to:
• Better understand yourself, your passion, and purpose
• Develop your psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual capacity to shine your unique brilliance
• Communicate and express your own unique voice in ways that is aligned with your core values and is congruent for you
• Develop and embrace your own unique strengths as well as your weaknesses
• Understand the unique ways you are fulfilling your passion and purpose
• Become aware of the things that may prevent you from living the life you so desire
• Be your authentic self
• Integrate key elements of your life’s experiences to support you in your journey
• Identify specific key areas in your life that need deliberate development and improvement
• Identify old habits that are no longer serving you and support your development well
• Create more effective ways to transform old habits and create new habits
• Become an effective communicator and an influence of positive change
• Bring Love and Light to the world and much more
This invitation is for those of you who feel called towards developing more of who you are and your passion and purpose in life regardless of what age you are. It is also for those of you who value learning in a group of like-minded women. If you feel that is you, then this invitation is for you. We want to make it clear that if you are interested in this next level of development and expanding your consciousness then we would love you to join us. If you think this is not where you are, that’s fine too and we are happy to see you at our other social Meet-up events.

We will be meeting to share a meal first before the discussion starts so please bring a plate to share, and BYOG. This meeting will be conducted in an open forum discussion where everyone is encouraged to voice their own points of view.

The aim is that collectively we can support and learn from each other as well as finding some common ground for our way forward.

This is a Focus Group for Women who are serious about learning and developing their human capacities now and value learning in groups.

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