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Welcome to EWP-TLC

“The universe is a factory for creating creators - people who can sense
what is needed for this time.” ~ Jean Houston

Tisiola Lear
I am delighted to welcome you to Embracing Women's Potential Transformative Learning Centre (EWP-TLC). I hope this may be the beginning of our new journey together; whether you're looking for connection with open and supportive like-minded women, education about women's health and wellbeing, or private coaching and mentorship. Please feel free to email me - I would love to hear from you - so that I can personally welcome you to our community and tell you more about our upcoming events and services. 
Warmest regards
Tisiola Lear
Founding Director

At EWP-TLC we help you to remember who you really are. We help you to return to

self-love, reclaim your power, and reignite belief in yourself and your true voice. We help you to let go with ease, the things that are no longer working in your life, such as shame, blame, guilt and fear. We help you to find your authentic voice and to feel good in your own skin. We help you to welcome negative emotions such as anger, grief, frustration and sadness, and to find the courage and willingness to learn from the gifts these bring to you. We help you to elevate to heights of new perspectives, so that you can view your challenges from a wider perspective. We help you to let go of negative habits and to create new, healthy ones. 


We at EWP-TLC are here to provide you with supportive connections, an inspiring safe space and quality education; to empower you to reach your full potential and to shine your unique qualities in the world.

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