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“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

EWP-TLC is a community of committed, gifted, and talented women making extraordinary changes and transforming lives. We support ALL women to rise and shine through a sustainable community engagement program of quality Focus Groups, Educational Seminars, Workshops, Training Programs, Retreats, Private Coaching & Mentoring, and Social Activities.

We focus on facilitating and building authentic connection, healthy relationships, and long lasting friendships through community based learning, sharing and collaboration. We encourage expression of diversity by highlighting the richness of our social, cultural, artistic, and professional backgrounds.
We focus on education for transformation, supporting principles of equity and access. We support and empower ALL women regardless of race, age or any other factors that may prevent them from pursuing the education they desire.

EWP-TLC provides quality educational programs in an inspiring and inviting space for authentic connection and real opportunities for collaboration, where women are working together towards whole-system transformation. By addressing systems that cause inequality, we cause the ripple effect, influencing profound positive, lasting change and creating a world that works for all to be “free and equal".

Types of Services

Young Women Brainstorming
EWP-TLC Focus Groups invite women to participate in conversation around chosen topics relevant to women’s development. EWP-TLC promotes radical inclusivity by providing a safe space for authentic sharing and active listening, empowering new learnings to emerge naturally. We believe that ALL voices and perspectives are needed to build a thriving and inspiring community: we thrive because we are strong together.
Female Speaker
EWP-TLC Educational Seminars are presented throughout the year, featuring women speakers from various fields to share their expertise in an open forum setting. The seminars focus on addressing four core areas of women’s health and wellbeing:
  1. Women’s Psychological Health and Wellbeing (Mind)
  2. Women’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing (Heart)
  3. Women’s Physical and Sexual Health and Wellbeing (Body)
  4. Women’s Spiritual Health and Wellbeing (Soul)
Paper Craft
EWP-TLC Workshops aim to provide quality, intensive, practical skills for women’s self-development, health and wellbeing. The workshops draw on evidence-based theories and expert peer reviewed advice to support women to make informed choices, improve the quality of their lives, and become influencers of positive change in their communities. We collaborate with educators, health and wellbeing coaches, transformational leaders, and other professionals whose values align with our mission to present the workshops.
Green Bathroom
"A Time for Everything: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens" - Eccles. 3:1
EWP-TLC Retreats offer women holistic rest and rejuvenation from their professional lives, and family and relationship commitments. The retreats provide nurturing care, nourishing the mind, heart, body, and soul in a fun, loving, inspiring, and supportive environment. We focus on the health and the wellbeing of each woman, while cultivating a space for positive memories with like-minded women through shared learning and recreational activities.
Diverse Group Cheering
EWP-TLC Training Programs offer high quality, unique educational training to women in the areas of personal and professional development, transformational leadership, and transformational relationships. We link together evidence-based theories with personal experience and interactions with culture, spirituality, life and society, to produce educational training programs that are equally academic, practical, creative, spiritual and personable. Our programs are rooted in a profound knowledge of holistic application, drawing from Dr Jean Houston’s theory of ‘whole-system transformation’ – that is, “moving beyond hierarchies and old power structures…away from dominance by one economic group to the sense of everyone’s equal investedness, sharing and partnership". The training programs are held during public school terms, and are uniquely designed for small groups.
EWP-TLC’s Private Coaching and Mentoring program is reknowned for facilitating powerful transformation and is designed to attain compelling and lasting results for each individual client. We do not work on the principle of ‘quick fixing’ – rather, we take the holistic and realistic approach in which change begins with oneself, to cause a positive ripple effect in all areas of an individual's life, their community and the world. Our unique approach fosters the development of embodied love and compassion: "To be free and equal is to be loved and to love others as thyself". We empower each woman to become the agent of the change they want to see in the world.
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