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Meet the Team

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world;
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Tisiola Lear (Tisi)
Founding Director
Tisiola Lear, Doctoral Candidate, EdD in Organisational Leadership, and women’s transformational life coach and mentor, is the Founding Director of EWP-TLC. Tisiola has 20 years of experience in community leadership within women’s health and wellbeing, personal development, self-fulfilment and spiritual awakening. Tisiola’s work has been recognised by national and international pioneers of the field, such as Dr Jean Houston. Tisiola received her Bachelor of Christian Studies at the Australian College of Theology, Sydney and her Masters in Education at Meridian University, USA where she is currently completing her doctorate. Tisiola has trained extensively in organisational leadership, community engagement, theology and spirituality, and personal development. She is also an experienced public speaker and presenter.   
Tisiola is passionate about inspiring, supporting and empowering women to embrace their full potential and to flourish.She values authentic connection and true belonging and is committed to creating this in her own life, in the lives of others and throughout the world. Tisiola’s personal story has inspired many to allow themselves to tell their stories from their own hearts. She has helped many women suffering from mental illness, or broken and unhealthy relationships to transform their lives. Tisiola is inspired by the work of her teacher, Dr Jean Houston on the ‘possible human’, as well as Dr Brené Brown’s work on ‘wholehearted’ living - the importance of knowing that we are all worthy of love regardless that we are wired to make mistakes. Tisiola lovingly encourages women to face blockages and heal their pasts, so that they can welcome their light and live their life with passion and purpose. She has integrated profound techniques to remove blockages in the mind and body, helping women to understand how the brain works and the power of language to heal, restore and transform unhealthy thinking and limited beliefs about one’s potential. In this way, she assists women to create new, healthy ways of thinking that are true for the individual, and are supported by healthy emotions such as love and compassion.
Tisiola was born in the Kingdom of Tonga and migrated to Australia in 1984. She lives in the Southern Highlands of NSW and is a proud mother of three adult children. She loves being able to drive five minutes into the bush and be surrounded by nature.

Barb Lear
Barbara Lear (Barb)
Organisation Manager & Team Leader Assistant
Barb is EWP-TLC's dedicated Organisation Manager & Team Leader Assistant. Barb is passionate about seeing women transform their lives to reach their true potential. She is also passionate about equality, and equal opportunities for all humans irrespective of their race, culture, religion or beliefs.
Barb retired from the workforce in 2005 following a career journey in social work, accident and emergency nursing, occupational health, safety and rehabilitation management, and university lecturing. Her past studies and work took her to live in Sydney and Brisbane, and also Manchester, Birmingham, Derby and London in England.
Barb’s interests include music, dancing, movies, connecting authentically with people, gardening, having fun and sport (now as a spectator). In the sporting arena her first love is cricket - she is so enthusiastic about it that she has been known to sit and watch games from countries such as India, England, South Africa and more! She also loves being outdoors, particularly pottering in her garden, but states emphatically that she does not possess a green thumb. Barb has a great love for and a connection with animals. Barb dreams of one day living in a world full of peace and love for all living beings. 
Michelle Royal-Cooke

Michelle Royal-Cooke

Events & Programs Communication Manager
Michelle is the co-organiser of EWP-TLC's Meetup group, and Events & Programs Communication Manager. She is a fun-loving extrovert who enjoys connecting with people and is an authentic educator passionate about well-being, human connection, online engagement, fun, and encouraging and inspiring others.

Michelle has a diploma in Public Speaking with the Guild of Speech and Drama. At 18 years of age, her passion for teaching was ignited while nannying abroad, travelling through Europe, the UK, Ireland, and Egypt, Sinai, Syria and Turkey in the Middle East. When Michelle returned to Australia she achieved a Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching at the Australian Catholic University. Michelle has been a primary school teacher at one of Sydney’s leading innovative schools now for ten years and is currently studying Theology at Mary Andrew’s College. Michelle is a mother of two children who is dedicated to
her family, and to Jesus and attending church.
Ann Sharwood

Ann Sharwood

Events & Programs Communication Assistant
Ann is the embodiment of country girl charm, lighting the EWP-TLC community with warmth and sincerity. Her caring nature is put to great use as an EWP-TLC Events & Programs Communication Assistant, and in her work as a Pathology Collector. Ann is a founding member of EWP-TLC.
Ann is a proud mother of two teenagers. Ann moved to Bowral from Crookwell with her husband Andrew, 18 years ago. She is a queen in the kitchen, and also enjoys card making, crochet and cross-stitching.

Ricci Wilson

Organisational Assistant Manager
In her role as Organisational Assistant Manager, Ricci shares her love of reading, writing and learning by managing the EWP-TLC Blog, and communicating ideas through the art of poetry. She thrives on the genuine joy that comes from authentic connection, and is committed to creating a better, more sustainable world for all.  Aligned with this, is her passion to share and spread EWP–TLC’s healthy message and inspiring vision, which she believes will be her life’s most gratifying pursuit. 
Ricci has a great interest in growing organic food and although semi-retired, she enjoys delivering organic produce on a part-time basis. Her past careers span a variety of industries, including administration, sales, government, and hospitality.
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