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Our Supporters

"Tisiola is a powerful and compassionate guide to unleash human potential. Deeply grounded in her origins and originality, her inner strength and soul wisdom helps every person and organisation that works with her, to connect and commit to the path towards the full development of that potential."


Co-Founder of Trans4m Center for Integral Development, and Co-Author of
'Integral Development: Realising the Transformative Potential of Individuals, Organisations and Society


"Deeply rooted in her Tongan upbringing and wholeheartedly wise about life, Tisiola leads from embodied authenticity. She facilitates authentic connection using both traditional and transformative practices that involve story, play, food and inward journeying. Her guidance draws upon your own inner divinity and dissipates the shadow of who you are not. Within this space she holds, you experience the field of limitless potential. Tisiola and I share joy in and hope around our intention to work collaboratively in bringing about the Possible World within you, and for all."


President | Catalyst  |  Karnerblue Era, LLC



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