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Our Vision

We envisage a world of compassionate human beings belonging together, freely sharing and contributing their God-given gifts for the manifestation of a better world that works for all.  It is a world full of responsible people transforming lives and living beyond limitations.

Our Mission

To inspire, empower, embrace, and educate women all around the world with profound knowledge, qualitative skills, useful strategies, practical tools, loving support, and respect that allows women to discover their unique brilliance and to help them shine their unique qualities with passion, purpose, and prosperity, for the highest good of all.  

EWP is an open community for all women who have a desire to learn, share, grow, and help others to grow.  Our aim is to provide a safe environment for all women to be supported on their journey through life and to help them reach their full potential.  EWP community provides opportunities for real conversation, a space for women who seek to connect with other like-minded women in a deep and meaningful way.  EWP supports and embraces all women regardless of their origin, culture, beliefs, or religious background.  We believe that all women have the right to feel safe, to be heard, to feel respected, and valued as part of the community in which we live.  As an organization, EWP is committed to the principle of human rights, which recognizes and respects the values and dignity of all people.

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