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This month, we gathered at EWP Headquarters to enjoy our usual warm, relaxed company, on a drizzly cold winter’s night.  And whilst a number of our group were absent, we had the pleasure of welcoming another new member, Rose, to contribute to our discussion, and exploration of the meaning of "Synchronicity".

We began our discussion by defining what we understood the definition of the actual word itself meant.  A term coined by Carl Jung in 1930, from the Greek prefix Syn, meaning together, and Chrono meaning time, he said, ‘Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the probability of chance is involved’.


Jung had been fascinated for years, by acausal happenstance events. In other words, coincidental events, which could not be linked to any cause other than the coming together of the Psychic Realm and the Physical World.

As with the Tao understanding of the Yin and the Yang, Jung’s Synchronicity was the understanding of two opposites (be they physical or psychic), conflicting realities, arriving together, through no evident cause.  They were, however, all part of the one world: Unus mundus. Although complete opposites, they were equally required to complete wholeness.

Adding to our previous month’s discussion on Deep Listening, Tisiola reminded us that by developing our ability to listen with the intention of understanding more, we will become better at understanding, not only the Universe and all who dwell within, but also the selves who dwell within each of us. Once again, I quote Jung who stated, "Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see it".


Mhairi, one of our members, put it very well, when she said at the outset of our discussion, that rather than just consuming her life, she would like to slow down in order to understand more fully, the coincidences that occur along her path.  To listen to herself, and live a more expanded version of her life. And I’m sure I heard a silent, hear, hear from all of us.


This feeling that we just seem to rush through our days, with little, or nowhere near enough, reflection on the happenings we encounter along our way in life. I believe it is a very large cause for so much of the dissatisfaction people suffer from these days.  This deep symptom of meaningless existence, I think, is partly due to the fact that we rarely reflect on the magic of us. The miracle of life and  all the many, many amazing, and miraculous things that happen along our way.  All the coincidences that cannot be accounted for by cause and effect. In other words, Synchronicity.


Scientist, Gary E. Schwartz PhD, has recently released a book entitled, The Sacred Promise, in which he describes how science is now discovering Spirits collaborating with us in the course of our daily lives. Through his rigorous scientific studies, he has been able to prove what many psychics, and religious orders have professed for centuries. The existence of other spirits, who live alongside of us. Not only that, he believes they are ready and very capable of helping those of us, still living on this planet earth today, negotiate the strifes and disasters we humans have created on this celestial satellite we call home.


Of course, to this day, most people regard talking about the existence of spirits, as folly and naivety, but if we look back to our past, and cultures lost, we can see that perhaps rather than being naïve, as modern man likes to portray, they were way ahead of us, and attuned to the greater world. Undas mundas, the one world, where the invisible world and the visible are one. Not non-existent, just because we were too naive and egotistical to believe or envisage it. Or, as many are now agreeing with  Einstein, who said, ‘Reality is an Illusion, albeit a very persistent one’ In other words, it is no more than a projection of what we believe it is.


There was no denying, this subject was a very interesting one which got all of us thinking and remembering our individual experiences of Synchronicity at play. And also, how many times, we had perhaps experienced ‘spirits’ whispering to us and we just hadn’t listened to them. Overridden warnings, or wise advice, through lack of trust in our own ability, to heed prompts from invisible beings.

This subject is something very dear to my heart, and I could have listened and participated in the group’s discussion, way beyond our limited time. However, thanks to EWP’s format, I always know there will be plenty more stimulating, thought-provoking, and engaging topics on the agenda, throughout the year.


Come and join us; engage in meaningful dialogue and reflection, while adding your ideas and perceptions of the world we live in at this time in history. You will be made very welcome.


Bella h

June 2024

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