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EWP Retreat 2024

Letting Go of the Past with Ease -

And Embracing the Present with Grace

Once again our EWP Team hosted another very enjoyable, and rewarding Annual Retreat on the south coast of NSW, last month.

Remarkably, the weather managed to remain warm and sunny for two consecutive days, which was very much appreciated by all, given our wet and miserable Summer to date. Not quite the blistering heatwave predicted prior to the season’s arrival, however, all weather concerns were washed aside, by the fellowship, fun, relaxation and shared learnings we all enjoy at these annual get-togethers.

The highlight of our week-end for all of us, was our retreat workshop presented by Tisiola Leer, entitled: 'Letting Go Of the Past with Ease, and Embracing the Present with Grace.'

Introducing the workshop, Tisiola quoted Brigitte Nicole – “One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.” Tisiola also expressed her difficulty preparing this workshop, knowing how close to the bone (and heart), this subject can be for many.

Having said that, she went on to explain why it is important to learn more about our topic and to have a meaningful conversation about it.

Because Love, Joy, Peace, and Gratitude, all these things our hearts cry out for, are the jewels that can only be found and savoured in the Present.

Neither looking back, nor peering forward, can create, re-create or indeed procreate them. And either spending too much time looking back, or attempting to look forward, only robs us of what could have been - now.

Letting Go of the Past, does not mean denying, forgetting, or attempting to erase what has been your past - as Jack Kornfield put it; “To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and go on their own.”

In order for us to enact this process, Tisiola broke it down into two stages: Letting Go of the Past with Ease - Stage One involves these steps:

  •  Developing Self-awareness – this entails becoming aware of the past, present, and future negative thoughts and emotions, and their impacts on our lives and also, limiting beliefs that are associated with different areas of yourself including your relationships with others and areas of work and contributions to the world.

  • Defining the reasons for letting go – why is it important for you

  • Defining the reasons for embracing the present – why is it important for you

  • Choosing – Knowing what, why and what if – what do you do when no one else is watching

  • Responsibility for Change – Investing in your Becoming is a life-long process which each of us is responsible for. We can accept the gifts of the present, becoming our true selves, or not. The choice is ours.

Having accepted the choice to become our true self, our first task of Letting Go of our Past with Ease, is to gain Self-Awareness, and an appreciation of our past (whatever it has been), as the vehicle which has transported us to our new understanding of our unique journey to where we presently are.  Our Judgements of circumstances, others, and ourselves do not serve us well. They are like falling down a deep, dark, mine-shaft with a faulty torch and a broken ladder. Conversely, Understanding our past for what it was, shines a far broader, open, and healing light for us to shower in - liberating ourselves from personal blame, shame and negative emotions toward ourselves and others.  Healing ourselves by returning to the flow of life and enabling us to embrace the present.

As Michelle Obama said, ‘Becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim, instead she views it as ‘a forward motion, a means of evolving, and a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end’.

Understanding our journey thus far, means that although the past has brought us to this point, at this point in time, we are able to truly appreciate, respect, and revere our life and the lives of others. We are not making excuses, justifying, forgetting, or wanting to repeat the past; we have acknowledged it, learnt from it, and are now allowing it, to just be. Where it belongs - in the past. "Let the dead leaves drop". Rumi

The second stage in this process - Embracing the Present with Grace, enables us to operate on a far more conscious, higher vibrational level. The weight of the past and the draining of energy attempting to live in the future, is gone!  Our life-force (our Chi), is no longer trying to supply energy to three different realms. It is focused on the Now. And wherever our focus lies, therein dwells our vital, amazing, dynamic, power. A power so great, we all too often shy from harnessing it.

Embracing the Present with Grace, can be defined by the following:

  • Awakening – Reverence and Respect, for ourselves, others, and Life.

  • Activating Higher Vibrational Energy  -  with our new found emotions of Love, Joy, Peace and Gratitude, our hearts and minds will be filled with gratitude and delight, for previously unnoticed gifts, especially in the small things, we were once too busy to even notice, little own appreciate.

  • Self-acknowledgement and Self-evaluation – we will understand the massive difference between those two positive actions and the debilitating, negative activity of Self-judgement.

  • ·Self-Awareness, - with this comes the knowledge and appreciation, of all the parts that make us a whole human being. Our mind, body sensory system operating as thoughts, feelings, desires, wants, needs, and values. We are all these parts. And More! So much more!

And yet – how easy it is to get so caught up in the noise and rumble of life, and to overlook or forget these truths. To slip into old patterns of behaviour and thoughts which do not serve us well.

Eckhart Tolle put it astutely, for countering the negative patterns and thoughts that we are all prone to sometimes: “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.”

This is the beauty and reward, of being a member of EWP, where we can celebrate the joyfulness of life, and the powerful unity of spirit that comes from true fellowship, while being gifted with these learnings and reminders, to enable us to Live Our Best Life.

Once again, I cannot thank Tisiola Lear enough, for her unstoppable devotion and commitment of providing the tools of knowledge required to enable women to embrace their true potential, through her education and the love she so generously shares with all. Especially those of us, wanting to enjoy, achieve, and appreciate our unique gifts, on our remarkable, one-of-a-kind journey.

Thank you everyone who attended this retreat, and especially, Barb, our retreat organiser and Tisiola for her vision, and light.

Bella h






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