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Meet the Members, Drinks and Nibbles

Hail Ye, Hail Ye! And here’s to a bright, never before, brand spanking New Year!

So said all of us, when we gathered at Barb and Tisi’s home on the 25th January, to welcome old and new members to our 2019 EWP Meet and Greet Night.

Unfortunately, a few of our existing members were still away on holidays, but that didn’t stop us welcoming three new ladies who had intrepidly decided to join us for the evening, come what may. And by all accounts, they survived, AND, enjoyed themselves, amid glad tidings, tipples, nibbles, tittering and chortling, whilst we solved Most of our problems; and All of the rest of the world’s.

Except Climate Change, we’re all still sweating on that one. Especially here in the beautiful Southern Highlands, where we prefer it cool, but not too cold. Warm, but not too hot.

True to form, however, Tisi wasn’t going to let us waste the night bemoaning the weather, when she had a little game/question thingamajig prepared for us to participate in - or not, depending on how we felt. And, surprise, surprise, even the most diffident of us got into the swing of it and we all enjoyed revealing a little bit more of ourselves to one another, in a safe and friendly environment. Much more fruitful and enjoyable, than chastising the weather, which doesn’t seem to take the slightest bit of notice, I’ve observed.

Michelle Cooke, our tireless, Co-Organiser, was still away on a well deserved break, however, before going she emailed everyone on the Meetup EWP mailing list a detailed list of the 2019 Social Connection and Educational Programs, and Tisi briefly explained how these will work.

We will continue our social connection activities (coffee, lunches, dinners etc), and our Free Focus Group meetings exploring exciting and interesting topics, however, in addition, EWP- TLC (Transformative Learning Centre), will for the first time this year, be introducing more in-depth learnings, for those of us wanting a deeper learning experience.

Briefly, there will be seven new courses, conducted throughout the year on a Wednesday evening, for a small $25 fee.

There will also be one half-day workshop (fee $25), and two full- day workshops ($75 fee, or bring a friend, for $55 per person).

But for the full details on all of these truly empowering courses, please feel free to email Tisi at because these courses and workshops are on deeply meaningful, and relevant subjects, (to we 21st Century Women, of all ages), and offer a window, a door, and maybe even a road map, for those of us still searching for a truly Meaningful and Passion fuelled journey.

I for one can’t wait, and hope to see you there,

Bella Hoyne

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