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Like most reflections, we do them too rarely, preferring to waste hours on planning future happenings, most of which never eventuate. When, however, we do sit down and cast our minds over our accomplishments for the year, we are amazed recalling all the wonderous events and learnings, we’d pretty much forgotten even happened.

This year we were very privileged to hold our last official meeting for the year in Lynne’s beautiful, cosy old rambling, spacious home. Storybook walls, which you just knew were bursting with rich, life stories.

As usual, we ladies put on a sumptuous spread when we get together, so after ladling a bit of everything onto my plate, I found a seat with other ravenous diners, and allowed myself the quiet pleasure I often immerse myself in when I am in the company of so many beautiful, capable women. I sit quietly (that in itself is magical), and imbibe the joyous humming of women in conversation together. Not only that, their unrestrained laughter, and merriment as it washes the day away, and welcomes in the balmy evening.

Then, after a delicious, leisurely dinner, with diners spread far and wide in and around the house, we congregated in one room, and proceeded to reflect on the many subjects we had covered over the year 2019, and what we had learnt from them.

Because the circle reflects togetherness, never-ending and ongoing strength, women have come together like this for centuries, and we also like to gather in this way, as it is an authentic way to connect, to be seen, and heard, in a safe environment.

Looking over the courses we covered this year, it was once again, breathtaking all the work Tisiola, and her team, (Barbara, Michelle, Pat and Ann), had presented us with: The Power of Gratitude; The Seeker Within; The Power of Stories; Emotional Triggers; Understanding Our Sexuality as we age; Exploring the Power of Colours; Healthy Boundaries; The Power of Perceptions; The Power of Self Worth; The Power of Self Care; The Power of Masks; Healthy Relationships; The Power of Being Enough; The Power of Identity, Culture and Tradition. The last seven subjects were more in-depth courses presented by Tisiola.

After reviewing and giving feedback on all the courses we had enjoyed throughout the year, and nominating new subjects we would like to cover next year, we celebrated the fact, that here, on this night, in this home, we had somehow all arrived to this stage in our lives. And the fact that none of us would have foreseen this ten years ago. Not five, nor two even. But here we all were, with our very individual backgrounds, and we had all somehow arrived - here, together.

It was time to honour our presence, and the amazing journey that had brought us all here together, tonight.

We did this by standing and going around the entire room, saying ‘Malo e lelei’ (Thank you for Being Here), to one another, and responding with, ‘Thank you. I see You’. It was a rich and beautiful way of luring one another to our Individual Becoming.

We then went around the circle and impromptu, completed the following sentence: “The World Needs More…….and the following were the replies: People like Us; Peace; Connection; Singing; Creativity; Kindness; Tolerance; Strength of Women; Colour; Wisdom of Women; Fun; Love; Self Forgiveness; Beauty; Gratitude; Strong Women; Girl Power; Love, Light and Compassion”.

And so, after yet more food in the form of yummy cakes, and pavlova, and a dance and sing song for the those who felt not quite empty in the vocal camp, we reluctantly began to peter out. There’s nothing quite like a Monday night realisation to spoil the party mood. I’ve seen it happen to women far younger than our lot. You’d think by our age we would know better.

But oh no, true to form, we all looked at our watches, sighed a collective ‘oh no, 8.30pm! And it’s Tuesday tomorrow!’ Such collective wisdom. Although, I think Tisiola had greater things in mind when she said earlier in the evening, that the returning of Women to Power, is not so much about being powerful individually, but more the Collective Power of Women, celebrating their collaborations. About encouraging all our gifts and talents and knowledge to shine and be put to good use. This is what lies at the very heart of EWP; Transformative Learning.

Today we might be sharing the time of day, and what day it is tomorrow – but watch this space, for the Transformation of Our Individual Selves – Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls - Together, to become Tomorrow’s Women of Today.

When we’ll still be able to share the time of day etc, but also much, much more.

Toodle pip for now,

Bella H

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