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2020 Meet and Greet Old and New Members

Another sizzling day in the Highlands, with the afternoon sun still far too hot for most of us who choose to live in this beautiful part of the country for the cool climate.

Of course, hot weather has never stopped real women foraging, cooking and gathering together to enjoy the spoils of their labour of love. And as usual, it was a sumptuous feast we rewarded ourselves with.

Unfortunately, I arrived OVER an hour late, because I misread the invitation, and then was running EXTRA late because I was too hot to move beyond my ambling pace anyway.

Be that as it was, finally arriving was wonderful, because it always feels an eternity since last seeing the other members of EWP, which if I think about it, was probably only a month or so over the Christmas/New Year break.

Lovely to also welcome two new faces, Dee and Chantell and to reconnect with Adriana; Tisiola’s daughter. Not only is she a delightfully young, talented woman, she is the creator of our new EWP website, and was with us to officially launch it on this auspicious evening.

The new website, does a brilliant job of showcasing exactly what Embracing Women’s Potential and its Transformative Learning Centre, is all about, by clearly showing how it goes about empowering women to reclaim their rightful, equal place in this world.

It does this by providing a number of things:

· Private Coaching and Mentorships

· Monthly Seminars and Workshops

· Monthly Focus Groups

· Social Activities

All the activities run by EWP – TLC are structured in such a way as to encourage women, in a safe and loving environment, to find their true voice, and to seek a greater understanding of who they really are. Because therein lies their true power.

Not only to discover their true selves, but to Love and Honour themselves - As They Are!

The new website shows the diversity of women who attend our gatherings, their backgrounds, experiences, reasons for attending and what they love and enjoy about mixing with like-minded women who are seeking to gain more from their brief time on this planet.

We talk we listen, we cook we eat, we laugh we cry, we gain we lose, we’re students we’re teachers, we are all individuals with our unique needs, who know that humans (in this case women), achieve far more individually, when they unite. There is a power so much greater inside each of us, when we learn to access its source through the whole. Individual power, maximised and magnified, through unity. I know this, because I have experienced it.

Like many others in the organisation, I have also learnt through personal experience, the power of mentorship, which I have been privileged to receive through EWP – TLC.

Yes, we indulge in lots of fun things, but at its heart EWP – TLC is all about inspiring women to reach their full potential. To transform their lives from the ordinary, to the extraordinary.

I also know that one of the great strengths of EWP is the way it engages the talents of its members to be shared amongst the group. And on this occasion, Julie, a passionate teacher and performer of music her entire life, played and sang for us a beautiful song called “Shelter”.

Now music may be the nectar of the gods, but for we mere mortals, this rendition was still heavenly. Like having a delicious, smooth, full-bodied port to round off a wonderful evening. Or if port doesn’t do it for you, one last slice of cake – perhaps? Just one! To round yourself - oops I mean the evening - off nicely.

So, here’s to a fantabulous year of Love, Growth, Awareness, Sharing, and much, much more.

I can’t wait, what about you?

Toodle pip for now.

Bella H.

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