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A Night of Reflection

Like everyone else I know, I say it every year; Where did it go? We shake our heads and mutter the usual meaningless asides, knowing full well it went the same place it goes every year. As will the next, the next and hopefully all the ones after them.

But I think, one of the lovely things about surviving another year (not to be too maudlin), is having the opportunity to reflect on the journey.

And it is particularly enjoyable to do that as a group of women, from all walks of life, who meet throughout the year not only to celebrate one another, but to also engage in understanding and learning more about ourselves.

Glancing back over the year’s programme, we realise what a banquet it was; The Power of Taking Care of Our Outer Beauty; The Self-Love Workshop; The Gifts of Music for Shifting Energy; The Growth Mindset Workshop; The Power of Emotional Intelligence; The Power of Body Language: The Wisdom and Power of Authentic Connection; The Power of Humour Play and Laughter; Exploring the Power of Stillness and Silence, and last of all, Exploring the Power of Masks.

Not a bad line up for a few country gals, all of whom, expressed various learnings from the different presentations.

For some it was a revelation, to learn it was OK to put themselves first, and to love themselves, in order to grow and give to others. Looking after their Outer Beauty was not a dirty word called vanity.

Everyone has a story that deserves to be told and appreciated by others. Really? Even mine? Yes! That’s how we make authentic connections with one another.

If you’re feeling a little low, put on your favourite music, that’ll shift your energy quicker than any other medicine on the market. Oh, and thinking, only the mind can do that, right? Wrong! Thinking through the heart is actually much better.

And what about all those masks we wear? Some of us had forgotten they were actually masks, until reminded.

And the humour! What power laughter has. Down fall the masks, for starters!

And the power and beauty of stillness, silence, and meditation. In this world of noise and flurry, it was like a quiet calling us home.

And so that’s it. Another year has come and gone. Where? I don’t know…..or maybe, on reflection, I do.

So until the next one arrives, be grateful, be kind, and don’t forget, BE YOU!

Bella Hoyne

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