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EWP Retreat - 2022

Back to Werri Beach – our Home Away From The Highlands and beyond. Our favourite house directly opposite the pounding surf with sea views, copious personal space for everyone, outdoor pool and spa and plenty of communal dining and entertainment areas, where we can create our very own magic.

Some of our group arrived a day early and did a marvellous job of decorating and organising the house for all who followed.

Needless to say, I was one of the Friday stragglers.

I think, this is perhaps our third year staying in this luxurious house, and so it feels almost like a home, and because we are getting to know one another more each year, we guests feel more like a family. Despite the fact that some of us might only see one another once a year at our retreats, the bonds forged, remain.

And let’s face it, sadly, over the last two years, many families have not been able to physically connect at all.

So, after a delicious lunch of night-before leftovers, some of us donned our togs and bathing attire to swim in the pool and simmer in the spa. It was sheer bliss. Especially with the rain, washing me back to the free and happy childhood years I spent living in the pools of my youth.

After a short siesta, Mandy indulged us with homemade carrot and banana cakes, washed down with tea, coffee, and the joy of greeting yet another guest as they arrived in their ones and twos.

Raucous laughter, convivial conversation, and the warmth and energy that envelopes happy women when they reunite to enjoy one another’s company, floated and bounced around the pool-side patio. Along with Mandy’s delectable cocktails, a wine or two and plates of nibbles, and grazing platters.

Of course, as women we well know, memorable meals don’t just happen on their own, so after the cooks finally, and unanimously agreed to consult the oven instructions, it wasn’t too long before a sumptuous roast meal with all the accompaniments were laid before us on a table that had magically been set for high dining by Mandy and Pat.

And let’s face it, a good meal, imbibed with good company, transforms the experience into a veritable feast, so after cleaning up, we were all happy to just lounge around, play games, watch, chat and in general just allow the evening (eventually joined by us), to gently retire.

Now, although more of a night owl (I suspect she stayed up?), Barb somehow managed to organise a hearty, healthy breakfast the next morning, and to ensure that we were all ready, on time, for this year’s workshop, on the subject of Understanding the Power of Love In Action.

And once again, the subject for this year’s discussion, was very appropriate, given the current state of the world.

The account I have given in my blog covering the content of the workshop, is a brief over-view of a very strong, loving and powerful workshop. One which so many other people would benefit from, so I’m looking forward to the day we can provide these teachings in a larger more permanent venue.

For the second year, we dined in on Saturday night, and took it down a notch from the previous evening, with a delicious BBQ, along with much mirth, delicious cocktails and scintillating conversation.

The Ukelele player didn’t get her instrument out of its case; the singing voices were growing hoarse; and the only dancing we did, was eventually a slow waltz off to bed after playing more games into the wee hours.

And given that it looked highly unlikely the sun would even rise, little own shine, our ritual bell-ringing crier Ann, let us all have a welcome sleep in.

Which is what most of us did, and were then racing to vacate the premises on time. But like Torvill and Dean on the ice rink, we were a sight to behold. Focused, women working in perfect synchronisation, packing, cleaning, and restoring the house to its original design, before a relaxed time of reflection, and we were on our way.

A leisurely bite of leftovers down at our favourite beach-side park, and all too soon, we were farewelling one another, and returning to our homes, recharged for another twelve months to share with others - the Power of Love in Action.

Come join us, as we Power into Action, sowing seeds of Love,

Bella H.


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