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Exploring the Power of Colours in our Lives

Well, I must admit, that despite my attraction to bright, loud colours, I have never really given colour much earnest thought. In fact, up until the other night’s wonderful exploration into the effects colour has in and on our lives, I’ve gone about my daily business, pretty much as I do with a lot of things; in total, ignorant, oblivion. Much the same as I do with breathing, until I find myself attempting to trudge up some beastly hill, that has plonked itself in my way!

But not anymore. In fact, since learning the extent of therapeutic, and healing power attributed to colours, I believe they are a vital tool to employ for the health and well-being of everyone serious about living to their full potential. Also, anyone who is serious in their pursuit to unite with others, in loving and appreciating our unique differences.

Somewhere, in the way back somewhere time, I knew that Ancient Egyptians used colour and light centuries ago for healing and well-being, but I had never really taken much notice of modern day colour therapy (Chromotherapy), which works on the same principle of using colour and light to balance energy, where it is lacking in our bodies to prevent or heal disease.

Some say, we are in fact, just energy. And whilst I tend to believe that, given that we consist of so much water and light (each cell in our body emits light), I think we underestimate the power our energy has. On rare occasions, we witness something we attribute to it, but all too often, we don’t even acknowledge it.

Along with energy, within our bodies, our organs, muscles, cells and nerves all have a level of vibration. However, when our body becomes out of balance, disease occurs. And that’s when colour, each of which has its own frequency and vibration, can be used to realign our physical and emotional well-being.

Colour works through and in us, in every nerve, cell, gland and muscle. It shines in our auras and radiates upon us from the sun. Colour is an active power, exerting a tremendous influence on our consciousness, soul and spirit, and certain colours have been identified to affect us in different ways. For example:

Red, is a warm colour bringing warmth, energy and stimulation to the mind and body.

Yellow, increases neuromuscular tone, purifies the blood, helps digestion, and stimulates happiness.

Green, is a cooling, sedative colour, reduces joint swelling, and calms the nervous system.

Turquoise is said to increase intuition, sensitivity, and facilitate spiritual growth. It also helps breakdown psychological barriers.

Blue, another cool colour, is often used for calming of breath and heart-rate, reducing blood pressure, and aiding sleep and headache reduction.

Violet, like turquoise is a colour that aids spiritual growth, promotes awareness, and consciousness.

And of course, whilst that’s not all of the colours, nor is it all of the purported characteristics of those mentioned, it gives you an idea of how these colours are used by health practitioners and others.

But for me, the evening’s piece de resistance, came in the name of Susie, a former art teacher, and newish member to our group, who gave us a fascinating talk on how colour is at the very heart of all she does in life. Whereas someone like me, sees a particular object, and if I’m lucky, also its colour, she sees colour and design all around her. And both colour and design fuel her with happiness, imagination, peacefulness, purpose, enquiry, wonder, and discovery of new things in her life every day. Colour also seemed to immerse her into a deeper consciousness. A mediative state, which was capable of transporting her to a more profound way of seeing things.

I must say, Susie’s passion for colour and design, was palpable. I felt like rushing home to redecorate, and go through my wardrobe. But, unfortunately, by the time I got home, both tasks were beyond me.

I have, however, decided to open my eyes and my heart to the plethora of beauty in colours surrounding me and to incorporate them into my life even LOUDER and BOLDER, than before

So, here’s a promise; even if you close your eyes – YOU’RE GONNA SEE ME A COMING world!

Bella H.

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