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Exploring the Power of Silence and Stillness - with Lynne

Updated: Dec 28, 2018


The Power of Silence and Stillness has been known for thousands of years, by those brave

enough to travel the quiet paths leading inwards.


Silence and Stillness the only signposts, leading who knows where.


Word has it, they lead us to rich and fertile places, if we are prepared to explore.


One such intrepid traveller, Lynne Gullifa, who has spent many transformative years,

travelling the solitary paths where Silence and Stillness reside, was generous enough to share some of her insights and learnings, with us at EWP Focus Group.


But words, by their nature, are intrusive, and lacking when it comes to explaining the

properties of Silence.


So it was more a tantalising glimpse of the rich seams that are ours for the claiming, should

we be bold enough to follow the signposts and mine for them.  Dig through the layers of

noise and distraction and let Silence and Stillness deliver us to where we unknowingly always longed to go.


So thank you Lynne, for opening the door wide enough for us to glimpse the beauty of

Stillness, serenaded by the sweet Song of Silence. By Bella Hoyne

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