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The Power of Humour, Play and Laughter - with Ricci

Updated: Dec 28, 2018


In August, EWP members were treated to a bit of a giggle, by Tisiola and Ricci, who

performed a number of humorous scenarios, to highlight the various shades of Humour.

The mental, emotional and even physical benefits of humour are very well documented and

all agreed that a good belly laugh was as nourishing for the soul as a three course meal is for the body.  Not that any of us were fading away.


But humour is funny thing.  Ha ha.

Unlike drama, which is relatively easier to dish up to an audience, and be reasonable safe in assuming most people will feel similar about it.

Humour is a whole different kettle of fish.  It is more personal.  Almost like a fingerprint. 

So what happens when it is mismatched?  Which it often is.  Well that can be not so good for the digestion.  In fact I’m sure Wikipedia could list how many people have perished over a bad joke.  Not to mention the number of wars instigated over a sour tasting joke.

If, however, you want to slip a less than palatable idea into some poor unsuspecting fellow

traveller’s unconsciousness, it is a perfectly delectable little morsel to outwit their taste buds.

And then there is that beautiful, subtle shade that humour can dress itself in, so elegantly, to

magically transport us through the most tragic and daunting times in our lives.

And so the many shades of Humour were dished up to us.  Each of us smiling, giggling, and sputtering with abandon, whenever the humour stole our individual fancy.

And although all the courses, were not bust your garters delicacies, they were definitely made all the more palatable with Humour.

By Bella Hoyne

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